Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh, How life has changed....

I (Chad) went to Target to pick up some 'supplies'. While checking out, I realized how things ahve changed. The checker was a twenty-something college kid who was just looking to end his shift and go hang out with is boys, the person in front was a twenty-something bachelor buying a six-pack and a video game, and the guy behind was a twenty-something also buying beer and frozen pizza. Meanwhile, I look at my basket, and in it was a nursing bra, two packs of diapers, and a pair of pink onesies. I noticed the looks of the 'gentleman' as I was searching for my coupon for the diapers. Yup, change has the form of a beautiful Baby E.


  1. Guess what's in my basket :)??


  2. Dear Chad,
    Isn't amazing how someone so small can make such a big impact on your life? It doesn't seem that long ago that onesies wasn't in your vocabulary.

    Your Mother