Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We went to the Mundelein Munch for the 4th of July - it's our little town festival where the local restaurants come out and sell food. Kinda like Taste of Chicago, but without all the shootings (check out the Tribune!). We got there nice and early, staked out a great spot, and loved the fireworks!!

Here is what we did while waiting for the fireworks to start - played Gin! We play this game often, and every time I have to remind Chad how...silly boy!

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  1. beautiful picture!
    hope you had a happy 4th!

  2. Playing cards would have been nice! They handed out mini basketballs here and so we spent all afternoon and evening chasing the balls down and trying to keep the kids off the busy road.

    It was fun though. :)

  3. You have to produce an Excel spreadsheet with instructions on how...then he will get it. Promise!

    Good luck with the "release".