Saturday, July 12, 2008

5th Anniversary!!!

So, today's our fifth anniversary. We had a plan...5 years and we'd have a baby and be back in Michigan. Well, neither have happened yet!!! We are 2 days overdue and our house still hasn't sold yet. So, we're in a holding pattern. A long, boring holding pattern - come out baby!!!

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  1. Well you know the baby will come for sure. He/she has a mind of its own which is normal. I'm sure this is the week. You'll be glad it wasn't July 12th because you wouldn't want to leave the baby with a sitter to celebrate future anniversaries on his/her birthday. And if you're superstitious, you wouldn't want the 13th. As for Michigan, hopefully that will come before long too. That just makes it an interstate baby-conceived in Ky., born in Il. and raised in Mi. So Happy 5th! I expect to be getting a call soon. Love, Ma Miller