Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 6 Months Spittlebug!

Ella Bella -
Month 6 has been a big one for you. You cut 2 teeth (both bottom, front - one on new years, the other a couple days later), you're sitting up all on your own, learning to use a sippy cup, eating more and more solid foods, and still not sleeping well. You also had a major holiday - your first Christmas!!
Your favorite toys are ones with rattles. You like to reach for toys that are too far away, then you tip over slowly. Your little chubbiness makes it slow motion. Everything you touch you want to put in your mouth. It's very funny - you try to eat everything! You even pull your socks off and chew on them. Silly girl! You have become very interested in the cat. Poor thing - you grab onto her fur and don't let go! Grabbing has actually become your favorite pasttime - socks, clothes, faces, don't care, you want it all, usually to chew on.
This month has also seen you start reaching for Mommy and Daddy, which we love! When we get too far away, you reach out your hands and grunt. And we pick you up. Then you grin.
We can't believe you've been here for 6 months - and we can't imagine life without you baby girl. You're making everything better. Love you Spittlebug!

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