Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 5 Months!

Baby E -

We missed your 5 month birthday yesterday because we were so busy! We ended up at the doctor's office because you have sensitive skin. Doctor O. thinks it's eczema. Great - just like momma! While we were at the doctor's office, you were weighed and measured. What a surprise - you've gained weight. You are at 18 lb 9 oz with your clothes and shoes on. Yikes - that's more than 2 lbs since your last visit, less than a month ago! And you've grown almost half an inch.

This month we've done some fun things - we've joined a Mom's group, so we are making friends for both of us. You've started really trying to get around - you are up on your hands a lot trying to figure out how to move. Sometimes you sleep on your tummy, but you always do it face down, so it makes momma and daddy worry. You got to use your jumper seat even though you haven't figured out how to jump yet. You had your first Thanksgiving and tried to get a drink of Grampa's wine. You've eaten a bunch of rice cereal, mostly the kind with apples.

We also met two very important people. One was your 'cousin' Gwen that lives in Lake Orion. You pretty much just stared at each other, but we are looking forward to you tow playing together. The other was SANTA!!! You sat on his lap and didn't even cry. What a brave girl :-)

Now we are looking forward to Christmas and New Year's with you. It's going to be an exciting time!! Happy 5 months E!!

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