Friday, September 19, 2008

Who knew we grew giants?!

Baby e had her first doctor's appointment in Grand Rapids. It started out rough - our Garmin couldn't find the place! So, we were a little late. But, the office was nice, the nurses were nice, and the doctor was nice. Baby E now weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds, 10 ounces (she's gained almost 5 pounds!!) and is 24 inches long. This puts her in the 95th percentile for her height and weight. She will be bigger than her mom and dad like ... next week! She also had her first three shots. Mommy didn't watch - I was scared! Baby E was so brave and stopped crying pretty quickly. What a good girl!


  1. i want a verbal right now from you guys that she will play for me when she is 6'8 and i'm coaching at UK
    the chet